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    Targeted Traffic

Whether you are an experienced webmaster or just starting out, you know that it is crucial to have a consistent flow of visitors coming to your site.  Without new fresh faces seeing your website it becomes very hard to spread the word about your company and products.  The most productive traffic comes from users who reside in the United States and are interested in your specific market.

The network we have created allows us to place interstitial advertisements on thousands of websites.  This means that users will see a full page screen of your fully functional website, before being able to click "continue to page" of where they were originally going.  The greatest benefit of interstitial advertising is that it directly correlates your website with others of the same market.

Our Targeted Traffic Features:

  • Targeted directly to the category of your choice.
  • All users will see full page views.
  • 99% of users are from the United States
  • Up to date statistics reporting.

Targeted Traffic Categories:


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